Our civil litigation lawyers provide assent and representation in legal actions against banks or non-banking financial entities. We have extensive experience in such legal matters.

We offer support and assistance to consumers, respectively to the clients of the banks. If you have concluded credit agreements, containing abusive terms, or that have become ruinous over time, we can help you.

We also specialize in civil claims against debt collection agencies. These are often based outside the country or off-shore and her hard to fight against by people without experience in such matters. These companies often apply unfair practices against consumers.

Our goal is to help our clients recover the money which was wrongly payed to these companies. This can be acchieved by initiating a civil lawsuite or by negotiation and mediation.

Our firms’s attorney’s are specialized in banking issues. We pride ourselves on experience of direct contact with the banking environment, as well as numerous lawsuits won in favor of consumers in this field.