Civil lawsuites

We do not take on civil cases in which we do not believe. Our law firm reserves the right to choose it’s clientele. The criterion according to which we do this is given by the client's real chance to succeed in court. The experience of our civil law attorneys, allows them to identify from the beginning, which are the cases which have grounds to win in court and where it is not advantageous for the client to initiate legal action.

Often justice and judicial justice may represent different concepts. This usually happens due to laws which do not take into account social reality.

It is essential to avoid those actions, which are doomed to failure. This can be unpleasant, beceause it means that we have to sometimes refuse clients. However, if we would not do so, both us and our prestige, as well as our clients would suffer. Any lawsuite implies a series of costs. We can not affort to treat our client’s finances lightly.

In civil law matters, we take on the following categories of lawsuits:

- Real estate claims;

- Heritage;

- Usurpation;

- Insurance cases;

- Car accidents - moral damages