Criminal law

Emperor Traian, in a letter to Adisidius Severus: "No person should be convicted on the basis of simple suspicions,. It is preferable for a person guilty of committing an offense not to be convicted, than to convict an innocent person" (Ulpian - The attributions of the preconsul, Book 7)

Defending yourself in a criminal case is a difficult thing for anyone.The fact that someone commits a crime does not mean that the respetive person waves his/her rights. We make sure that your rights are fully respected during trial. None of our clients are charged when not guilty. We will see to it that your penalty be reduced to the minimum.

We provide assistance to our clients during criminal prosecution. Therefore, our attorneys will accompany you to all police hearings or when confrunted with a prosecutor or a judge. We will also represent you in criminal court.

Your lawyer will advise you on the best possible defense strategy. Your particular defense strategy depends on the specifics of your case.

We will initiate appeals, annulments, revisions and any other legal claims provided by the law in order for your case to be fully heard.

We will request bail and initiate motions to release from custody for our arrested clients. We will interpret evidence and we will study the technical surveillance material obtained by the police or by the prosecutor's office. Depending on the evidence against you, we can advise you on the best way to proceed in court.

We can also assist you in negotiating and concluding agreements with the prosecutor’s office.

We also provide assistance for the injured party, by:

  • drafting criminal complaints,
  • drafting claims for moral damages in criminal cases;
  • drafting complaints against the decisions of the authorities;
  • assisting and representing clients in criminal court;
  • initiating legal remedies against court decisions.