Family law

Family cases take a special place in our practive.

- Divorces;

- Property settlements;

- Moral damages, recognition of children outside the marriage;

- Alimony;

These are just a few of the problems we cas assist you with.

Family lawsuits must be treated with a certain sensitivity. In such situations, our clients are entrusting us with issues, which are sometimes intimate and usually hard to speak about.

We assure you of all our full confidentiality. Family law itself requires client – attorney privilege. Your lawyer will be patient and understanding.

You can rest assured that we will fight with any means neccessary in any custody battle. We can help you obtain the right to child residency. Sometimes it is necessary to identify the other parent`s financial means in order to determine alimony rights. There are a lot of parents outthere, who try to hide their money in order to pay less alimony.

We can help the non-resident parent in obtaing visiting – rights.

We also offer assistance in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASES. We can help you obtain a RESTRAINING ORDER in cases of physical or mental abuse. Obtaining a restraining order will obligate the offender:

  • to keep a certain distance from you;
  • to avoid any contact, including by telephone;
  • to be temporarily evacuated from the family home;
  • to keep a distance from your minor children;
  • to keep a distance from your working place or other places which you normally frequent;
  • to temporarily pay you alimony.