Forclosure issues

People or companies are often subject to illegal forclosure procedures. It is not unusual that amounts of money which are past statuets of limitations, are still being forclose. It is also common that amounts which are not owed are being seized by the authorities. Also, there are frequent situations in which liens are put arbitrarily. Sometimes executors simply do not comply with the law.

Our lawyers & attorneys are specialists in forclosure procedures. If this procedure is carried out without observing the law, we can properly advise you and defend any actions to forclose.

We are also addressing clients outside the country. We can help you, if wish to obtain recognition of a foreign enforceable title in Romania. We can also help those who wish to initiate an action to forclose on romanian territory.

We frequently work with clients from Germany, Switzerland, Austria or England. Our collaborations can be conducted in german or english, which our lawyers speak fluently . We ensure total transparency for our clients, who also benefit from electronic access to all the legal documents we draw in their favor.

Our law firm is also recommended by the German Consulate. This authority represents the contact point for german citizens and those interested in Germany, for the Transylvania region of Romania.