Insurance and traffic law

When you are involved in a traffic accident, the problem of guilt or of the person bearing the damages is automatically raised.

We often find ourselves having different opinions with the other driver involved. It also may occor that the implicated parties disagree with the decisions taken by the authorities or by the inssurance companies.

When such misunderstandings occur, only a court of law is able to resolve the situation. We can support your interests if this is the case. Insurance lawsuits are part of our main activity. We are specialists in traffic law. These are some of the most common lawsuits.

Our main services consist of helping you:

  • Obtaini moral and material damages in civil and criminal court from insurance companies or from the person responsible for the accident;
  • Obtaining compensation from insurance companies, in case of unjustified refusal of payment;
  • Assistance and representation in the lawsuits initiated by insurance companies against you to recover damages.