Labor law

The fact that employers have more ressources and greater financial power, should not discourage you when it comes to defending your own interests in a court of law. The rights of the employee are just as important as the rights of the employer. We can help you eliminate any imbalance. We will never percieve a fee that you can not affod.

Please keep in mind, that labor law itself provides many benefits for the employee. The goal is to eliminate any imbalance that may occur between the employee and the employer. We can provide you counsel regarding these advantages. We can also advise you on adopting the ideal strategy when coming in conflict with your employer.

Our law firm offers counseling, assistance and representation to employees in matters related to labor law.

We can assist you with the following legal actions:

  • Filing lawsuits for unfair dismissal and appealing disciplinary decisions;
  • Obtaining material and moral damages in a court of law;
  • Negotiation and mediation with your employer, in order to maintain good working relationships in tense situations ;
  • Recovering outstanding remmuneration from your employer.


We also offer counseling for companies. We can help tou in drafting employment contracts, internal regulations.We also offer representation in lawsuits against employees and assistance in drafting disciplinary decisions.

If you decide to retain us, all your administrative and legal problems with your employees, can be transfered to us. You can thus concentrate on the problems which are really important to you.