About me:

I am an attorney registered at the Bar of Sibiu. I studied Law School in Sibiu (which I graduated first from) and I am a graduate of the National Institute for Training and Perfection for Lawyers Brasov.

I can proudly state that I practice law with passion and great love. I like to listen to people's problems, I identify myself with their problems I struggle to solve them, as if they were my own.

Working with people is very important to me. Sometimes the client’s problems are solved directly in the office, without going to court. This often happens even with clients who are absolutelty certain they want to go to court, beceause the fact that a problem can get very personal for a client, makes them lose clarity. This is where I come in. I can easily distance myself from the personal side of the issue in order to be honest with my client, when needed, and in order to find the pragmatic solution, thus avoiding a long and costly trial.

I learned from the experience of working with clients of all kinds, with small businesses at the beginning of the road, but also with industry giants and this helped me see what is required for each type of business. Legal issues are very different from business to business. That is a fact. Most of the acquired clientele comes from the business sector, but my passion will always remain family law, trials that concern children, these being the most delicate types of cases, from a legal point of view.


Protection orders, interdictions


Damage recovery


Intelectual property

Legal entities


Amendments to the Articles of Association


Av. Christiana Mondea

74 Calea Dumbravii St., ap. 12
Sibiu, Romania
Tel: 0040 752.840.060
Email: christiana.mondea@sibiuavocat.ro

National coverage. We take on cases from anywhere in the country

Our fees relate to our client's possibilities

We fight against abuse

We only take on cases in which we believe

A top law firm, with national coverage

We represent the interests of our clients, companies or individuals, both from Romania and outside the country, regarding criminal and civil lawsuites, pending all over the country. Our lawyers & attorneys can plead at any romanian court, having the right to practice at national level. We also offer solutions for foreigners or romanians, who are now established abroad.

  • Analytical ability.
  • Attention to detail
  • Logical reasoning
  • Persuasiveness

Low costs

At AVM Consult we are aware that those who appeal to us can be pressured by financial burdens.Thus, our fees are oriented toward the client's need and will never be disproportionate to his/her financial possibilities. Our goal is to build long-term relationships.

Informing our clients

We are permanently informing our clients about the state of proceedings and about the procedural strategies adopted by our attorneys. Transparency is a mirror of the reliability of our services at AVM Consult.

Cost assessment

Any collaboration begins with a global assessment of the costs involved in the judicial process, so that our clients are aware of what each judicial action entails, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.



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A. Mihai

“Devotion and professionalism! I am very satisfied and I recommend this law firm to everyone with huge confidence!”

A. Florea

"A wonderful experience. The lawyers are well informed and efficient! "

V. Hadarig

“Quite impressive attorneys. Top notch skills and great oral submissions in court. Fresh and professional approach.”

L. Sava

“Promptitude, involvement and especially seriousness! I warmly recommend, especially to those who are skeptical when first contacting a lawyer!”

D. Balc