Legal services for companies and entrepreneurs

We take pride in the value we create for our entrepreneur clients, that currently make up more that fifty percent of our portofolio.

We take pride in having contributed with our legal expertise to the founding of more than a thousand companies and NGOs until now and with working together with lawyers and expert personnel on commercial law; even more, we work closely with the Register of Commerce and with the Land registry.

We assist both well-established and young businesses and we strive to become trusted parteners to both, encouraging both legal prevention, but also finding clear, fair, intelligent sollutions to the issues they are facing.

legal agreements that imply a one-time monthly payment

As their name suggests, those agreements imply a one-time monthly payment, made up of a fixed sum.

This implies the payment of a fixed monthly fee, which includes constant legal advice and various legal services. This kind of collaboration is recommended to clients who want to embrace prevention as a means of supporting their business and who wish to consult with a lawyer constantly before making decisions, signing contracts, or taking certain actions. It is statistically proven that businesses with the least litigation and/or legal issues are those that work closely with specialists in this field.

By opting for this type of collaboration, the client has control over costs, while being able to delegate to the lawyer any responsibilities and tasks. All delegated tasks will be dealt with and resolved with priority over any other requests received from other clients, who do not opt for this type of collaboration.

legal agreements that imply hourly fees

At the end of each month, the lawyer will issue an invoice, based on a raport, that will sum up the number of workhours performed during that month. This kind of collaboration is recommended to clients with various legal problems, who either cannot foresee what issues they will be confronted with in the near future, or have an uneven frequency of legal problems, but who wish to retain control over the costs they have without sacrificing the quality of the services they receive and the security of having legal professionals on retainer.

By opting for this type of collaboration, the client will benefit from lower costs in comparison to the costs implied by contracting each legal service separately and will benefit from increased attention from our team, which will deal with requests prioritarily over any others received from other clients.

legal agreements that imply mixed services
Our clients can also opt for mixed legal services, which combine hourly and monthly fee options. This can be the case of companies with both constant and various needs. For example, your company wishes to have a lawyer on retainer to constantly check your contracts and the documentes that are used in transactions so you decide to opt for a collaboration based on a subscription fee (which is more advantageous than billing every task separately), and for an hourly rate for all other legal operations that you may need, given that these may be uncertain or not forseeable in the near future.